Top Talent is Hard to Come By

YOU are the expert in what you do.  We are the experts in the art of recruiting.  Discrete, Professional, Trustworthy, Honest, full of Integrity ... these are the values we  work and live by.  More than earning your business, we want to earn your trust.  The value is built in the relationship.  We will work within your budget, timeframe, and goals to help you find the best talent in business so that you can remain competitive and successful for years to come.

Client Services

We strive to provide you a full range of client services, including but not limited to:

  • Full-Time / Regular / Permanent Placement

  • Temporary / Contract Staffing Solutions

  • AdminiStaff Services

  • Outplacement

  • Industry Analysis

  • Market Research

  • Salary Surveys

  • Weekly Recruitment Project Reports

  • Retention Programs

  • HR Outsourcing Solutions - Is your Human Resource department small or limited?  Let us function as your HR Managed Services provider.  We can place a dedicated staff member on-site on a long or short-term duration basis, or work with your existing structure to make sure you've got all the people you need for your critical staffing needs.  We'll do the leg-work, bring top talent, and leave the hiring decisions to you.

  • On-Site Project Management

  • Client Visits

  • Training

  • Resume Workshops

  • Background Checks

  • Drug Testing

  • Complete Reference Checks

  • Education & Employment Verification

  • AA / EEOC Tracking

  • Volume Discounts

  • Referral Discounts

  • Preferred Client Solutions
  • Contingent, Retained, and Priority Client Solutions

  • Priority Minority Staffing Solutions - Helping companies achieve their EEOC objectives.

  • Fetch! Services - Hire the Talent you Want!

We aim to provide and deliver only the best, and to be thorough in every client engagement. 

Let us create a custom recruiting solution for you to match your needs, timeframe, and budget.

Retained or Contingent?  Weighing the Options

With uncertainty in the economy and many recruiters having experienced the bumps and scrapes of this last recession, many recruiters will not opt to take on a search unless it is on a Retained basis.  Typically a retainer will require one-third of the estimated fee up-front, one-third upon submission of 2-3 candidates, and the balance paid upon placement.  Many of the best recruiters will charge a retainer fee up front because their time is valuable;  and they want the guarantee that your commitment to the interview and hiring process is as strong as theirs.

Many companies and hiring managers, on the other hand, are reluctant to dole out retainer fees.  After all, what is the guarantee?  What happens if the recruiting firm fails to deliver top talent?  What if another recruiter calls out of the blue and provides someone better?  Or what if you end up finding the talent on your own - or worse yet, decide not to fill that position?  You lose all that money.  And more than one hiring manager has been burned a time or two because they retained the wrong firm -- and in the end, everyone was disappointed.

There are no bones about it, recruiters will prioritize their desk based upon what's closest to the money.  They may have between 10-30 open positions that they can recruit on at any time.  The good and bad news about retainers is that you own them and they owe you.  A benefit of retainers is that it guarantees a mutual commitment -- and generally speaking you will obtain a better result.  But it all boils down to working with the right recruiter --- and perhaps leaving some options in case someone else shows up with a better result.

We've got an answer to the Retained vs. Contingent solution.  If you are serious about needing your position filled and you trust us to manage the process, contact us about our Priority Search and  Preferred Partner Solutions and let us collaborate on a plan that will work to your advantage with our commitment to recruit on your search until it is filled.

Priority Minority Staffing Solutions